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to improve safety and protect against violent threats
Providing schools with School Safety Plans

What We Do

School Safety Systems will evaluate your school’s current situation and develop a thorough School Safety Plan (SSP) to improve safety and protect against violent threats and other child safety matters.

To do this, we draw on the experience of experts in the fields of law enforcement, physical school security, cyber security, video security, community relations, access control, emergency notification and a variety of other fields and specialties.

Our plan will be staged and progressive so that it can be implement over time and within your budget. We will provide your school with a clear and detailed plan of action. This plan will typically involve technological, structural and procedural improvements which can then be implemented by the school’s internal resources or third party contractors. Alternatively, School Safety Systems can oversee the design and implementation of your plan.

Our objective is a safety plan that is effective and practical to implement. We emphasize simple and intuitive methods so that they can be reliably implemented in the highly stressful environment of a violent threat.

Safety Assessments

Emergency Notification Packages

Paging/PA System

Physical Access Control

Electronic Access Control

Security Cameras

Comprehensive School Safety Plans

Why Does Your School Need a School Safety Plan?

Our School Safety Plan (SSP) provides school administrators with an independent evaluation of safety measures already in place, and staged and progressive recommendations for enhancing those measures with improvements at the building, campus and district wide levels. School leaders use our SSP as a tool for preventing and containing violent threats, risks, and potential liability.

A School Safety Plan demonstrates to the school’s community that they are actively committed to safety and to creating a safer environment for the school’s students and staff. A SSP also is a very effective and necessary supporting document for safety related grant applications and to support school safety related levy’s and bond campaigns.

Our Mission

Every School faces some degree of physical threat. At School Safety Systems our mission is to make schools safer. We have 25 years servicing the K-12 market, and we use proven and cost effective methods and practices to increase school safety, reduce risks and liabilities.

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